Saturday, 27 September 2014

Week beginning 22nd September 2014

This week Year 4 have begun to retell the story of the Unicorn and the Lion by Shirley Hughes. A story map of the beginning, build up, climax and ending and 'stepping through the story' has helped the children to retell the war tale in their own words. The children have been working hard to include powerful verbs and interesting vocabulary in their writing and, on Friday, they tried to extend their sentences. I can't wait to read the final stories, after the editing process and the children will be creating their very own books to send home so you can read the stories too!

In Maths we have been revising the methods and strategies to solve addition and subtraction calculations. Next week we will solve calculations with larger numbers and use an efficient method to do so! The children have thought of lots of jobs which involve needing to calculate addition and subtraction sums and they have told me when these skills are useful in our everyday lives.

On Tuesdays Mrs Thompson teaches Year 4 and they have had lots of fun learning about Calligrams and have started to write their own. We will be celebrating all types of poetry in the week ahead, as we celebrate National Poetry Day on Wednesday.

We start our Tring dance lessons for 4 weeks next Tuesday; on Wednesday afternoon this week we were treated to a wonderful display of dances, which the students learn in Tring Dance School.

Every week we will be celebrating different types of work. This week there is a display outside our classroom showing some excellent examples of handwriting and neat presentation.  Well done children!

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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