Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week beginning 20.10.2014

We were delighted this week to welcome Dr. Andrews back into Year 4 and a special visitor 'Ronald'. Dr Andrews helped the children to better understand how our teeth are adapted to the diet we have. In groups, they had to carefully examine at an image of a particular animal's teeth to guess the animal and the diet it has. Photos to follow !

It was sadly our last session with the Tring dance instructor; we will remember our 'golden strings' in our gymnastics and dance sessions to follow after half  term!

I hope you had a good opportunity to look at your children's books and work displayed after the Parent consultations. Year 4 have worked very hard and should be proud of all they have achieved this busy half term!

Have a lovely break over half term.
Mrs Gritz

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Week beginning 13.10.2014

This week in English we have been comparing instruction texts with explanation texts and next week we will be writing our own explanation texts for a gameshow. The children in Year four wrote some fantastic instructions for how to play Countdown and many have had a go on the online game for their homework!

This week we also learned more about the start of WW2 and the allie and axis countries. We carried out some atlas work and mapped the allie and axis countries on it, trying hard to be as accurate as possible!

I was very impressed with the children's knowledge of programming using Scratch in our computing lesson this week. They have created the basis of a maths educational game, designing a background and deciding on two 'sprites'. On Thursday they began to programme one of the sprite's actions. We are looking forward to developing these games further!

I look forward to meeting with you all next week and hope you manage to visit the classroom to see some of the fantastic work your children have produced so far this term!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Week beginning 6.10.2014

It's be a fantastic week, full of creative learning!

On Monday, Dr Andrews came in to teach the children more about digestion. They matched the parts of the digestive system with each function and then saw a demonstration showing what bile does to fats. The olive oil (bile) broke down the margarine much faster than the water.

This week in Art the children, inspired by Henry Moore's WW2 tunnel sketches, created living sculptures. They used their ideas to bring the drawings to life and they worked really well to get into the characters of the people they portrayed. We then chose individual people in the sculpture to share what they were thinking and feeling. The children talked about feeling protected, vulnerable, scared and unsure of the future. Thank you for the blankets, as you can see they were a powerful prop!

On Wednesday the children brought special souvenirs from home.These helped them to write some amazing poems about some special times in their lives. We had a whole range of souvenirs - from pebbles on beach to a t-shirt to a road sign! The final poetry will be shared with you on parent's evening. We hope you enjoy them!

On Thursday the children learned more about rationing. They began the day by calculating the ingredients required for the whole class to make wartime eggless fruit cakes. Using a set of instructions, they then worked brilliantly in teams to prepare their fruit cakes, which were baked in the school ovens. After they had cooled, the children were able to taste what they had made and compare them with shop bought fruit cake. Hopefully they also brought you home some of their own to taste!

There were a number of different opinions in the class, as to whether they preferred the wartime fruit cake recipe or the shop bought fruit cake!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Another week has flown by! The children of Year 4 started their Tring dance sessions on Tuesday and created some wonderful calligram poetry with Mrs Thompson. In the afternoon on a Tuesday, the children are learning about sketching techniques. They have been asked by Mrs Thompson to bring in a blanket to help with sketching some World War two art next Tuesday.

I have been delighted with all the children in class for getting their homework in on a weekly basis. Do keep it up and remember to keep your reading records up to date! We have an author of the month in class - in October we are learning more about Dick King Smith books and about the author himself!

In Maths this week we have continued to learn how to solve addition and subtraction calculations with larger numbers, using the numberline method and the column method. The maths homework this week will give the children time to practise using these methods. Next week we will be learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes!

The children have worked brilliantly on completing their historical stories (retelling the story of the Lion and the Unicorn). They are looking forward to producing their very own books to take home by the end of this term!

Many thanks for all the kind donations you sent in for the Salvation Army on Friday. It was most appreciated.

Mrs Gritz

Year 4 doing some 'Take ten' activities - brain breaks in between lessons