Thursday, 16 October 2014

Week beginning 13.10.2014

This week in English we have been comparing instruction texts with explanation texts and next week we will be writing our own explanation texts for a gameshow. The children in Year four wrote some fantastic instructions for how to play Countdown and many have had a go on the online game for their homework!

This week we also learned more about the start of WW2 and the allie and axis countries. We carried out some atlas work and mapped the allie and axis countries on it, trying hard to be as accurate as possible!

I was very impressed with the children's knowledge of programming using Scratch in our computing lesson this week. They have created the basis of a maths educational game, designing a background and deciding on two 'sprites'. On Thursday they began to programme one of the sprite's actions. We are looking forward to developing these games further!

I look forward to meeting with you all next week and hope you manage to visit the classroom to see some of the fantastic work your children have produced so far this term!

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