Tuesday, 9 December 2014

December 2014

 Year 4 have enjoyed a variety of different activities over the past few weeks. Here are some photos to show some of their learning.

 Each house competed against each other in a number of different athletics activities, when our partnership PE teacher came in last week. Well done do St Bernadette house, who won the Year 4 competition!

 Mrs Sandhu has been teaching the children about sound and the way it travels in the form of vibrations. Here is a photo of some of Year 4 investigating sound.

 Recently we have been learning about the Jewish faith; particularly about the Sefer Torah, the Holy Book, and Bat and Bar Mitzvah. We tried some hula bread and a special biscuit delicacy from a Jewish baker!

Here are some Year  4 gardeners planting some bulbs in our flower boxes, just outside the mobile!

The children have been very busy making some wonderful Anderson shelters. They have tried hard to make them as real as possible and thought carefully about the materials they would use to make them effective shelters in war time. They will be on display at our museum on Thursday, which we hope you will be attending.

With Mrs Sandhu, the children planned and created (after of course the editing process!) these wonderful books, inspired by Alice Hemming's assembly and her own children's books. They then had a fantastic sharing session with Year 1M.

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