Saturday, 24 January 2015

Week beginning 19.01.2014

It has been another busy week of learning! In Assembly on Monday Mrs O'Brien explained that good learners are those who are enthusiastic, motivated, engaged with each lesson, ask good questions and contribute a lot in discussions. We are all trying hard to do so in Year 4!

We were very lucky to have a special visitor in last Wednesday afternoon; here are some photos of Fr. Michael talking to the class about who the parish community is and how it works together. He used an umbrella to explain that the community is made up of many groups. The children were able to recall this talk brilliantly the following day and created posters to advertise the local parish community in an RE lesson.

 In Science this week Year 4 have continued to investigate sound . Here are some photos of their learning in class:

 They investigated how sound is affected when it travels through different materials.

In Topic lessons this week we 'discovered' several items from a shipwreck. As marine archaeologists, we determined that the artefacts were from tudor times and in fact a tudor sailor!
A marine archaeologist's clothing

In English the children have really been enjoying reading from the 'Hodgeheg' by Dick King Smith and have been inspired to write some fantastic setting descriptions. They have also planned their own familiar story, planning an opening, a build up, a climax / problem and they have planned how the problem is resolved. Next week they will be writing their stories!

In Maths next week we are continuing to solve addition and subtraction problems, using much larger numbers. It is important to keep practising times tables and number bonds regularly at home to help with calculations in the classroom.

Finally, please could I ask you to make sure in the mornings that the pathway to Nursery is clear. Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Gritz

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