Sunday, 1 February 2015

Week beginning 26.01.2015

This week the children in Year 4 have been editing and improving their familiar stories in English lessons! Next week they will be writing them up in neat as a final copy, which they are looking forward to bringing home.

In Art this week the children produced fantastic sketches of Henry VIII using a royal portrait as inspiration. They used a number of different techniques such as shading, cross hatching and hatching. They then made specific colours by colour mixing red, blue and yellow paints. They're really looking forward to recreating another royal portrait from Tudor times this week and will try again to produce specific colours when mixing paints. The final step will be to make a 'frame' the following week to complete their piece of art work.

In Maths this week the children will be moving on from addition and subtraction to data handling. They will be retrieving information from bar charts, line charts and pictograms to answer questions and they will be using data they have collected to produce their own charts.

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