Thursday, 5 March 2015

Week beginning 2.3.2015

This week has been Fairtrade week. We've learned about what fairtrade means and why buying products, which are fairtrade, will help farmers to get a fair price for their product, During an activity on Monday we learned about how so many people are linked to the growing, buying and selling of cocoa products. If disease or disaster strikes, so many people are then affected as a consequence. We showed this by shaking our string, which had previously kept us interconnected.

This week we turned our classroom into a french cafe on Wednesday! We practised ordering food in french and talked about the foods we like and dislike. See if you can remember any of the phrases next time you are sitting around the dining table!

And finally what a day today has been! I was so impressed with the costumes for our special Book Day! Each child made such an effort to come to school as a character from a book they enjoy. At different times of the day the children had to stop what they were doing and read. We also created a wonderful book cover for our door frame (from our class book at the moment, Mr Stink by David Walliams), entered a book token competition by designing a possible future book token, shared our reading with Year 1 and heard wonderful poetry and extracts from Roald Dahl from Mrs Connery. Enjoy the photos!

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