Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week beginning 23.2.2015

We've been busy, as always, in Year 4 this week. On Monday the children worked on completing their art portraits of Tudor members of the royal family or famous explorers. To create the portrait they used colour mixing skills to replicate real tudor portraits. They then cut out a frame, painted it gold using powder paint and created decorative designs to produce the final finished product! I hope you enjoy looking at these at parent's evening next week.

Before half term the children were given the task to interview someone about our RE topic - Giving and Receiving. Amazing posters, powerpoints, recorded videos and audio clips were brought in for homework and we were able to share these on Monday. We really enjoyed all of the presentations. Thank you for your input!

On Thursday we were delighted to welcome Mr Blake in to teach the children more about the programme Audacity. He began by showing the children how to create sound tracks, using sound files. He then showed the children how to experiment to create a good quality final piece of music.  They thoroughly enjoyed the session and will have one final opportunity to produce a piece of music next week.

In RE lessons this week we have been discussing the different parts of a mass service. I asked the children to write their own versions of the Lord's prayer and was astounded by their reflective responses! Some of the children worked in pairs and presented their personal versions to the class:

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