Sunday, 29 March 2015

Week beginning 23.3.2015

Friday was a wonderful day. In the morning the children brought in their lent boxes and they placed their coins down on the letters representing the CAFOD organisation which we were raising money for.

All week we have been discussing the importance of Lent and the children have been reflecting on their lenten promises they made at the start of Lent. It sounds like they've been working very hard to keep their promises, both at school and at home!

Friday was also the day of our mini music concert, where Year 4 performed pieces on the fife to Year 3 and Year 3 performed songs back for them. It was a lovely opportunity to share our Music learning from this term!

In the afternoon, Year 4 had organised a number of different stalls for the CAFOD fair. They counted the money they had raised at the end of the afternoon and were really pleased with their efforts! Well done Year 4!

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