Sunday, 10 May 2015

Week beginning 5th May 2015

Despite it only being a four day week, Year 4 have fit a lot in! On Tuesday we finished our numicon investigation off, after being so enthused last Friday! The children had to use the 1-10 numicon shapes to try to find all the possibilities to make each total from 3 to 30! They recorded their results in a table and used some excellent mathematical language when concluding what they had found out from the investigation. They were also able to spot some brilliant patterns!

On Thursday we set off on our Harpenden trail, learning about the history and geography of Harpenden over time. The children also learned numerous interesting facts from Mr Casey, from the Harpenden History Society. Thank you to all the volunteers who came along on the visit!

We were also lucky enough to see voting in action! We stopped by St Nicholas Church hall polling station and observed the process of voting, very quietly so as not to disturb the voters!

As it is 'Global Safety Week', we were taught about how to stay safe on the internet by Year 5 on Friday. They have been working on creating a website to teach children about Internet Safety and they shared important information with us.

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