Thursday, 9 July 2015

Week beginning 6.7.2015

 This week Year 4 began learning about different styles of poetry. They read and performed some Grace Nicols poems and recreated James Carter's poems as shape poems! They have been learning about adding similes, metaphors and personification to make their poetry even 'richer'.
We look forward to sharing our poems with you!

In Maths Year 4 have been learning about coordinates and position and movement and used excellent reasoning skills to explain their mathematical thinking linked with an NRICH problem (Coroodinate Challenge). Tomorrow we're looking forward to competing in a worldwide Mathletics competition!

On Monday we spent the afternoon sketching 'en plein air' like Monet did and created our final piece by painting our landscapes of the Harpenden Common! Here are some photos of us by the pond and the rest of the Common:

On Wednesday children from Sir John Lawes came in to teach Year 4 and 5 children French through playing games.

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