Monday, 19 October 2015

World Week

We have been very busy in year 4D celebrating 'World Week'.

On Monday we learnt about the 'Laudato Si' and the children produced some wonderful letters, prayers and posters about the importance of looking after Gods creation.

Tuesday was 'World Literacy Day' and all of the children took part in a letter writing competition. The task was to write a letter about their dream job. We discussed the importance of using the correct structure and language for a letter. The winner from 4D was Ben Sweeney, who wrote a wonderful letter about wanting a job as a Zoo Keeper.

For 'World Maths Day' on Wednesday the children took part in a special 'Live Mathletics' task. They were able to compete in Maths challenges against children in other countries, as well as their own classmates. As well as this, the children have been busy solving challenging Mathematical problems throughout the week.

It was 'World Science Day' on Thursday and we had great fun creating life-sized human digestive systems. Once they had drawn round somebody in their group, the children had to attach all of the organs involved in the digestion process and explain their importance.

On Friday the whole school came together to share what they had done.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Week beginning 5.10.15

This week in Maths we have been practicing the expanded and compact method of column addition and subtraction, with some children using 4 digit numbers! The children seem to have a great understanding of this method and have been set some homework on this topic to consolidate their learning. Next week the children will be taking part in some 'stand alone' problem solving Maths lessons. This will be happening throughout the school as part of our 'World Week.'

We began a new Poetry topic in Literacy this week. As part of our 'Wild and Wonderful Writing' lesson, which happens every other Friday, the children wrote some wonderful poems. These have been put into a 'Year 4 Poetry Book' which will be on show for you to read at parents evening next week. As part of our 'World Week', the children will take part in a letter writing competition this week in Literacy.

We are still enjoying our Science topic 'Digestion' and observed the affect of different liquids on egg shells this week. Needless to say some of the liquids produced some quite disgusting results! As part of 'World Science Day' on Thursday, we will be constructing a life sized human digestive system.

We will be starting our new topic in RE 'Called' next week. As part of 'World Week' we will be studying the Laudato Si this week, the Pope's encyclical.

'World Week' will finish of Friday afternoon with a celebration assembly, where some of the children will be given the opportunity to share pieces of work from the week.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Week beginning 28.09.15

I hope the children all had a well earned rest over the weekend, after another very busy week in Year 4!
We hope you enjoyed watching our 'Harvest assembly' as much as we enjoyed performing it to you. Thank you again to those parents who helped raise money for CAFOD by contributing food or purchasing something on the day.
Last Tuesday we started TRING dance and the children really enjoyed learning the 'step-ball-change' dance move. I hope they have been remembering their 'golden string' at home! TRING dance will continue for another 3 weeks replacing our indoor PE session. 
In Literacy we have come to the end of our topic 'Friend or Foe'. The children produced some fantastic narrative stories about an evacuee child. This week we will start our new unit on poetry.  
In Maths last week we were looking at measuring time and length. The children really enjoyed measuring each other and objects around the classroom with rules and metre sticks. This week we will be learning how to add 3 digit numbers using formal written methods.