Monday, 30 November 2015

Week beginning 23.11.15

I hope you have all had a well-earned rest this weekend and enjoyed the Christmas Fair!

We were extremely fortunate last week to have Isabella’s grandmother, Dorothy Newall, come in to tell us all about her experience of living through World War 2. She told us what it was like living on basic rations, experiencing air raids and having an evacuee live with her family. The children really enjoyed the visit and learnt lots from it. They asked some superb questions and listened intently.

In Literacy last week we began looking at audio books and podcasts. We listened to a spooky ghost story and discussed how our voice, and sound effects, can add to the tension in a story. The children had a go at reading a section of the story in small groups. This week the children will begin to plan and write their own spooky ghost stories, ready to record next week.

In Science, the children planned and carried out their own investigation. Each group was given a cup full of ice with a fortune inside. The challenge was to melt the ice and reveal the fortune, before any other group. Some children decided to put their cup under a radiator, others under a hot tap and one group rubbed their hands together and held it. The cup of ice under the hot tap melted the quickest. All groups managed to reveal their fortunes and are hoping they will come true!

After a week of multiplication and division, this week in Maths we will be looking at solving problems with many answers. The children will need to work systematically to find all possible solutions!

We began a new topic in RE last week, Advent. After a special Advent this morning, we will be looking at how Christians prepare for Advent in class.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Week beginning 16.11.15

It is anti-bullying week this week and we had a visit from a theatre company who put on a fantastic performance to help raise awareness. They covered bullying in all forms: verbal, physical and cyber bullying. We are looking forward to 3K's assembly tomorrow on anti-bullying. Just a reminder that children should wear something blue in support of anti-bullying, and school uniform is not required.

The children have been practising sequences in PE this term, using apparatus. They incorporated different balances and routines into their sequences.  Next week we will be using the wall bars in our routine.

Our topic in Science this half term is 'changing states'. The children have been learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. They have been learning that some changes are reversible whilst others are irreversible. Below, the children were acting as molecules arranged in either a solid, a liquid or a gas.

The children have also been making Christmas decorations this week, ready for the arrival of the Christmas tree next week! The theme of our tree this year is silver. The children used silver, pink and white card, string, pipe cleaners and silver pens to create angels. They look fabulous! The children will be able to bring them home before the holidays to hang on your own trees. Thank you to those parents who provided silver pens to decorate with.

Unfortunately the author Luke Temple, who was suppose to be doing a special assembly today, had to cancel his visit due to illness. Although the children were disappointed, we hope to rearrange the visit as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

St Albans Museum Visit-WW2

The children all thoroughly enjoyed the visit this afternoon from St Albans Museum. The children were able to get 'hands on' with lots of primary sources and learnt lots of interesting facts about rationing, evacuation and air raids. The children were fully engaged with the session and asked lots of fantastic questions. The visitor was extremely impressed with their knowledge and behaviour!