Friday, 16 December 2016

Merry Christmas

This will be the last post before Christmas, so I really just want to wish you a relaxing holiday and to remind you that we would like the children to read regularly and practise their times tables over the break but we have set no other homework as we felt this is a busy holiday and the children need a rest. 

As we have been doing mutiplication and division this last week or so, they have realised how important it is to be very familiar with their times tables. Should they wish to play some interactive games to help them with their learning I suggest as a good source. 

I will post more detail of next term's topics in the New Year but we will be looking at Sounds in Science and will be studying at changes in environments in Geography, followed by World War 2 in History after half term.

Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Didn't they do well!

It was lovely to see so many of you at our class assembly today and I'm sure you were all as proud of the children as I was. Every member of the class contributed 100% to making our assembly something special - well done 4K!

Obviously we have spent a fair amount of the last week or so rehearsing but we have also managed to begin our new English unit and today disussed the spooky podcast we have been listening to. We have already written some wonderful descriptive openings to a spooky story and will be developing a three episode podcast which we plan to record over the rest of the term.

In Maths we have completed working on measurement for this term and we have spent a lot of time converting between kilograms and grams, litres and millilitres - all of which we have been noticing has a link to decimals and fractions. Next week we will return to column subtraction before spending a week looking at division and multiplication.

In RE we have begun our new unit 'Gifts' which we have begun to explore through our assembly but will continue over the coming fortnight. In Science we have been exploring circuits and have had some interesting discussions in Geography about how electricity is made using sustainable resources. Next week the children are going to research and present a brief powerpoint about a renewable energy source.

We have continued our Tudor theme in Art where the children are creating some lovely Tudor portraits with Mrs Luckhurst and in PE we have been developing a Tudor dance.

I will leave you with a picture from our assembly - I apologise if anyone got cut off at the edges - unfortunately my camera doesn't have a very wide lens.

Enjoy your weekend. Apologies the picture quality wasn't great!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

From space to sustainability in 4 K

Apologies for this slightly belated post - I can't believe how quickly the term is flying by!

Since half term we have been really working hard on our presentation and the improvement in everyone's work is pleasing! We will continue to work hard at this throughout the rest of the year.

We have come to the end of our RE unit 'Called' and will begin the new unit 'Gift' this week. Many of the themes in this unit will contribute towards our assembly which we will be preparing over the coming two weeks and look forward to seeing lots of you on the 2nd of December.

In English we have just completed our biographies about an astronaut who journeyed to Mars. This week is assessment week and so we will be doing some work on grammar as well as spending time rehearsing for our assembly. Next week we will begin preparing to write a spooky story.

In Maths we have made a great start to column subtraction, wrestled with fractions and introduced decimals. We have made a start on looking at measurement by weighing fruit and beginning to understand how we can use our newly acquired decimal skills when recording weight. As well as assessments this week we will look plot the fruit measurements on bar charts, look at capacity measurements and time before revisiting column subtraction.

We have made a good start to our Electricity unit and will consider circuits and how electricity works which ties in well with our Geography where we have looked at how sustainable our school is and will next research sustainable energy sources.

In PE we have been creating a Tudor dance and the children worked extremely hard on this this week - I'm looking forward to seeing the final dances.

Friday, 4 November 2016

4.11.16 Time flies...

Its hard to believe we are already a week into our second half term and as ever we have been very busy in 4K! We have had a most successful week with Imola winning the Mayor's Christmas card competition. Also I have just returned from looking at our lovely Art display at the Public Halls and it seems 4K have a winning entry here also but I must also repeat how very impressed I was with the very high standard of entries to this exhibition. Well done 4K!

In Maths we have been doubling and halving to prepare ourselves for delving into fractions and decimals which we will continue over the next week before revisiting column addition. Then we will look at measurement and link it to decimals.

We have already begun our 'Space Explorer' unit and will continue this over the next couple of weeks. We are focusing on what qualities Neil Armstrong displayed througout his life by reading his biography that show hewould be a good astronaut. I have been impressed by the children's knowledge and interest in this subject. They will complete the unit by producing a biography for a candidate for a secret space mission highlighting the qualities they have that would make them good space travellers.

In RE we are continuing to learn about what it means to be called. For homework this week we have asked the children to do some research on Sean Devereux so we can discuss how he was called.

On Tuesday we spent an interesting afternoon discussing sustainability. The children showed a lot of awareness and interest in the ideas we discussed about how we could live more sustainably. Over the next couple of weeks we will look at how we could live more sustainably in school and I will be asking the children to think about how they can transfer this to their homes.

We are studying Electricity in Science this half term which links nicely with our Geography topic and we will continue to study the Tudors in Art and PE (we have today begun learning a Tudor dance!).

As always, thank you for your support with reading and homework. Please may I remind you that children should have their PE kit in school ready for our lessons on Wednesday and Friday and we change reading books, visit the library and check reading records on a Thursday.
Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Art Exhibition Friday 4th November

Just in case you haven't seen the newsletter on Parentmail, the Consortium Art Exhibition is tomorrow and you are invited to go and look at the Art that the children of Harpenden have created from  2.30-7.30pm at the Public Halls. Every piece of work created by 4K for this event was  special and unique and choosing just two pieces was extremely difficult. I have, therefore, decided to use all the work for our display this half term which is luckily in the entrance hall of school so can be enjoyed by all our visitors! It will be going up over the next few days, I hope you get the opportunity to come and see it!

I'll post details of what we will be doing in 4K tomorrow.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Enjoy your break.

It was lovely meeting you all this week and you will have seen how hard we have been working! The children have begun Year 4 with lots of enthusiasm and settled well into 4K. 

The children definitely deserve a break and for this reason there is only one piece of homework which is to create a piece of art based on the theme of autumn. We will be taking part in a pop up art exhibition on Friday 4th November at the Public Halls and each class will display two pieces of art which can be in any form including 3D, sculpture or even photography. There will be prizes awarded at the exhibition in four categories: most realistic; most creative; most humorous and favourite overall. Please do not feel this should take hours of your time, spending around an hour on the project should be sufficient.

I mentioned to many of you that we are going to be focusing on handwriting and presentation and I will find a suitable example sheet with every letter formed as we teach it, and I will send this home during the first week of term. I have gone through all the capital letters and the children could practise the correct formation of these.

Over the last fortnight we have enjoyed the inspiring visit by the Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company, learnt how to do column subtraction and written some poems using metaphors, simile and personification to create images with our words. We have completed our work on the Tudors and Healthy Eating, made torches, learned about the Torah, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and begun our RE unit in which we will explore what it means to be called or chosen.

Have a wonderful break.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Learning about our local Tudor history.

Yesterday we made use of all we had learned in our History lessons and were privileged to be granted a Royal audience with King Henry VIII. Fortunately for us, he enjoyed the song we had prepared, and he, his minstral and Catherine Parr were very impressed by our knowledge and behaviour so we didn't have to leave anyone behind to face his wrath!

The people at Hatfield were impressed by, and appreciative of, the effort we had made in dressing for the occasion. It certainly added to the atmosphere and learning experience so thank you for taking the time to send them so well attired. Here are some pictures from our day:

In English we have just finished writing about an encounter with an extraordinary creature based on our study of The Iron Man and I am looking forward to reading them over the weekend. Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at some poetry by Grace Nichols and James Carter, focusing on the use of figurative language that creates  images for the reader which continues well from the wonderful language used by Ted Hughes.
We have completed our People unit in RE and the children have thought reflectively about some of Jesus's family and how we can learn from our ancestors. Next week we will look at some of the important books of Judaism before beginning our unit 'Called' where we will consider what it is to be chosen and called by God.
In Maths we have spent the week measuring time and length and have touched on how to write measurement using decimal notation. We have set homework to help the children practise what we have been been learning and would encourage them to tell the time as much as they can at home. Over the rest of the half term we will be revising column addition so we can now all use the compact method that we taught at the end of last year. We will then introduce column subtraction which we will initially teach them to do as an expanded calculation as we did the addition so they understand the value each digit has in a number.
In Science we will plan and carry out an investigation about keeping the teeth we have been learning about healthy. 

We had a thoroughly engaging Maths session this week where we all became detectives and had to use our maths skills as well as our logic and reasoning to solve a mystery. It was lovely to see the children working well in pairs and enjoying solving the challenges set. Here are a few pictures from that as well as the pictures of the teeth they made in Science - please excuse the colours, they are not a reflection of the children's actual teeth - honestly!

Have a lovely weekend!