Friday, 29 January 2016

Week beginning 25.01.16

Our new topic in maths this week was shape. The children learnt how to draw, measure and classify angles. They also learnt how to identify and draw perpendicular and parallel lines. Today they were using a mirror to draw symmetrical 2D shapes. They have been set some homework on abacus which must be completed by Tuesday. Next week in class we will be looking at mental and written multiplication and division, and applying these in the context of word problems.

We have begun PSHE lessons this term and our topic for this half term is 'dreams and goals'. The children showed maturity when discussing times when their hopes hadn't been fufilled and their dreams for the future. This week the children were put into groups and set a challenge, to design a garden ornament which they could sell at a fete. They had to take into account the cost of the product, their target audience and it's function. They will present their ideas to myself and Mrs Warrington next week.

In English we have continued to study the first book from the Spiderwick Chronicles, 'The Field Guide'. I know how much the children are enjoying this book with many buying other books in the series and watching the film at home. Today they wrote a letter to the authors telling them what they had enjoyed most about the book. Next week the children will be planning, drafting and writing their own story in the style of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

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