Thursday, 24 March 2016

Be Spirited Week and CAFOD fundraiser

On Wednesday afternoon the children were busy running their stalls for the Lenten fundraiser. I was impressed with how organised the children were and the event was a great success. There are definitely some budding entrepreneurs in 4D! 

This week the children have been getting to know God better. They produced wonderful letters to God and beautiful pastel drawings of the Fruits of the Spirit.  They also had the opportunity to visit the different prayer stations in the hall-communicating with God in various forms.  The children have shown remarkable maturity and reverence during this special Holy week.

I hope you and the children have a wonderful Easter holiday and have plenty of time to rest because it's going to be another busy term! I sent the children home with a copy of the script for the school play and hope they can try their best to learn their lines off by heart-as well as practising the songs!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Hatfield House

A guided tour around Hatfield House:

Meeting King Henry VIII and Catherine Parr:

Visiting the Queen Elizabeth oak tree:

The adventure playground:

Science, Maths and Engineering Week

The children enjoyed building and testing bridges from lolly sticks on Monday morning with Mr Hallam and Mrs Cross.

On Monday afternoon they enjoyed a visit from Mr Scarborough who spoke to the whole school about F1 cars.

As part of SME week the children took part in a whole school challenge, to build a tree from only 4 A4 sheets of paper and scissors-no glue or sticky tape!

On Tuesday afternoon we welcomed SETPOINT who ran a workshop called 'moondust on my socks'. It began with a story about an aliens journey into space. The children then made a sliding picture of a rocket setting off into space, then later wrote a space story inside. As part of this workshop the children also built circuits and used coding to communicate to each other.

Mrs Hansen also came into school on Tuesday to talk to the children about a new material which can be used to build almost anything. The children tested the strength of these 'honeycomb blocks' by standing on them and were surprised that plastic could be so strong.