Friday, 8 July 2016

Week beginning 04.07.16

The children enjoyed their visit to Hazard Alley on Monday. Inside the warehouse was a 'model village', and the children visited various 'stations' where they learnt about potential risks and how to stay safe. These included a warehouse, a railway line, an alleyway and a lake. Back in class, the children produced some fantastic literacy work based around our visit.

On Wednesday morning some children's names were picked out of a hat to go and visit Roundwood and take part in a languages morning. They learnt Spanish, French and German. The rest of the children who stayed behind were lucky enough to take part in their own French morning run by the pupils at Sir John Lawes.

Next Wednesday the children will be making salads in groups of three. Each child has been sent home with a list of ingredients they need to provide. Any ingredients that requires cooking (e.g. pasta, rice) must be done at home. Could I also ask that ingredients are not chopped/grated at home, as these are skills we are trying to teach them in class. The school will provide all of the cooking utensils (e.g. graters, knives).

Next Thursday the children will be spending the afternoon with their new teacher, Mrs Gritz. She has asked that children bring in clippings of things they like/do for an activity she has planned.

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