Friday, 1 July 2016

Week beginning 27.06.16

We have had a busy week filled with Art and DT!

On Wednesday the children made their own coleslaw as part of their DT topic 'Healthy Salads'. They chopped all of the ingredients and made the dressing. Afterwards they tasted it, then evaluated it. The leftovers were sent down to the staffroom and thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers!

On Thursday it was 'Art and DT Day'. The whole school studied the work of a British artist for the day. In 4D we were looking at LS Lowry. Firstly, the children were given a small section of one of his paintings to draw and colour in using pastels. We then put each section together (like a jigsaw) to create the original painting! This was a challenging task but the children were really focused and created a wonderful whole class picture. After break the children were given a black and white landscape to copy. They impressed me with their attention to detail, sketching skills and use of shading. This work will be displayed in the library at celebration evening for you to enjoy. After lunch we welcomed Mrs Hansen into class to run a workshop based on design and technology.

Congratulations to all of those children from 4D who took  part in District Sports on Thursday evening. They were all fantastic and represented the school brilliantly.

Just a reminder that on Monday 4th July we will be visiting Hazard Alley. The children will need a drink and a packet lunch, but no money as we will not have time to visit the shop. We will return to school later than usual-please find these details and more on the letter. Thank you to those parents who offered to help on this trip. Unfortunately, as this is run and organised by the staff at Hazard Alley, this was not necessary this time.

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