Thursday, 22 September 2016

Food, glorious food!

We've had a lot of fun problem solving this week. We spent Tuesday morning gripped by a problem that required us putting our brains to good use. We had to find the least number of squares that would fill an 11 by 13 rectangle. Everyone came up with solutions and look at how proud these two were to be the first to come up with 6 squares!

 In Science last week we had to draw the digestive system and this week we watched as we simulated the digestion of this:

Until it became this...

We are loving reading Iron Man and have been exploring the fabulous descriptions Hughes wrote. We have a wonderful vision of Iron Man devouring 'spaghetti' metal chains. I'd be intrigued to see how his digestive system worked! We will continue reading this book over the next couple of weeks.
In Maths we are moving onto multiplication and fractions before we do some work on time and measurement. 
In Science we will look at teeth and consider how to keep them healthy. In RE we have been having some thoughtful discussions about where we and Jesus come from and will continue looking at stories about His human family. 
We have loved learning about the Tudor monarchs and why Henry VIII had six wives. Next week we will use the pictures you have sent in to compare modern and Tudor houses before visiting Hatfield House on the 6th.

We have now given out reading books and had two visits to the library. Thank you for all being prompt with homework and remember that we will be looking at Reading Records, handing out new books, homework and visiting the library every Thursday. Remember PE days are Wednesday and Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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