Saturday, 10 September 2016

Welcome to 4K!

Welcome to the first 4K blog. It was lovely that so many of you were able to come along to our parents' meeting on Thursday. I did send every child home with a handout that contains the key information from that meeting so anyone who was unable to come along can catch up by reading that!

Before moving on to what will be happening this half term, Mrs Ward-Tsang and Mrs Jackson-Robbins have asked me to say a huge 'Thank you' to you all for the lovely cards, good wishes and gifts so generously given to them last year. They have both been asking about how the children are settling in and I have promised to keep informed with all the wonderful achievements from our coming year.

This week has been a settling in week and we have been getting to know each other as well as working on presentation which will be something we are going to work on throughout the year. We have also spent time thinking about how having a 'growth mindset' means we can learn anything if we put our mind to it and believe we can do it. The children have impressed me several times this week by being willing to have a go at a challenging concept and are beginning to accept that it is OK to make mistakes as mistakes are an opportunity to learn.

I'm sure you appreciate that it takes us a little time to get all the normal routines up and running but I think we are almost there! The children will visit the library for the first time on Monday (although their usual day will be a Thursday) and I will also give out reading books to those who are not yet free readers on Monday. So, armed with at least 2 books, I would like to see all children reading regularly, and writing at least 3 entries a week in their reading records. We will check these on a Thursday.

On Monday we will begin our first English unit and will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will begin by asking questions and examining the effect Hughes' language has on the reader, including how he uses similes. For the final writing task, they create their own imaginary creature, thinking of similes and powerful noun phrases to describe it, and write a story about what happens when it encounters humans. It should be fun!

Last week in Maths we spent time working on place value and hopefully the children have realised how useful it is if they have a fast recall of number bonds. Next week we will be looking at 4-digit numbers; working out what they mean and using them to add and subtract before moving on the following week to the 6 and 9 times tables, multiplying using the grid method and finding fractions of numbers.

In RE, we will begin our unit, People, in which we consider how Jesus lived on earth as part of a human family. In Art this week, we created a Jesse Tree for a display in our corridor and Mrs Luckhurst was impressed with how much they remembered about this.

We began our Tudor topic on Thursday and next week will be creating a timeline of the Tudor monarchs and studying Henry VIII in more detail. In Science we will be looking at Nutrition in humans this half term and over the next two weeks we will be looking at food and digestion. In D and T Mrs Luckhurst will be making torches with the children and has asked they bring in any interesting torches on Wednesday. 

Curriculum maps with an overview of the term will be sent out early next week.

One last thing, we will be looking at family trees this week in RE so it would be helpful if the children had the names of their family members going back to Grandparents if at all possible.

Have a lovely weekend!

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