Friday, 7 October 2016

Learning about our local Tudor history.

Yesterday we made use of all we had learned in our History lessons and were privileged to be granted a Royal audience with King Henry VIII. Fortunately for us, he enjoyed the song we had prepared, and he, his minstral and Catherine Parr were very impressed by our knowledge and behaviour so we didn't have to leave anyone behind to face his wrath!

The people at Hatfield were impressed by, and appreciative of, the effort we had made in dressing for the occasion. It certainly added to the atmosphere and learning experience so thank you for taking the time to send them so well attired. Here are some pictures from our day:

In English we have just finished writing about an encounter with an extraordinary creature based on our study of The Iron Man and I am looking forward to reading them over the weekend. Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at some poetry by Grace Nichols and James Carter, focusing on the use of figurative language that creates  images for the reader which continues well from the wonderful language used by Ted Hughes.
We have completed our People unit in RE and the children have thought reflectively about some of Jesus's family and how we can learn from our ancestors. Next week we will look at some of the important books of Judaism before beginning our unit 'Called' where we will consider what it is to be chosen and called by God.
In Maths we have spent the week measuring time and length and have touched on how to write measurement using decimal notation. We have set homework to help the children practise what we have been been learning and would encourage them to tell the time as much as they can at home. Over the rest of the half term we will be revising column addition so we can now all use the compact method that we taught at the end of last year. We will then introduce column subtraction which we will initially teach them to do as an expanded calculation as we did the addition so they understand the value each digit has in a number.
In Science we will plan and carry out an investigation about keeping the teeth we have been learning about healthy. 

We had a thoroughly engaging Maths session this week where we all became detectives and had to use our maths skills as well as our logic and reasoning to solve a mystery. It was lovely to see the children working well in pairs and enjoying solving the challenges set. Here are a few pictures from that as well as the pictures of the teeth they made in Science - please excuse the colours, they are not a reflection of the children's actual teeth - honestly!

Have a lovely weekend!

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