Sunday, 20 November 2016

From space to sustainability in 4 K

Apologies for this slightly belated post - I can't believe how quickly the term is flying by!

Since half term we have been really working hard on our presentation and the improvement in everyone's work is pleasing! We will continue to work hard at this throughout the rest of the year.

We have come to the end of our RE unit 'Called' and will begin the new unit 'Gift' this week. Many of the themes in this unit will contribute towards our assembly which we will be preparing over the coming two weeks and look forward to seeing lots of you on the 2nd of December.

In English we have just completed our biographies about an astronaut who journeyed to Mars. This week is assessment week and so we will be doing some work on grammar as well as spending time rehearsing for our assembly. Next week we will begin preparing to write a spooky story.

In Maths we have made a great start to column subtraction, wrestled with fractions and introduced decimals. We have made a start on looking at measurement by weighing fruit and beginning to understand how we can use our newly acquired decimal skills when recording weight. As well as assessments this week we will look plot the fruit measurements on bar charts, look at capacity measurements and time before revisiting column subtraction.

We have made a good start to our Electricity unit and will consider circuits and how electricity works which ties in well with our Geography where we have looked at how sustainable our school is and will next research sustainable energy sources.

In PE we have been creating a Tudor dance and the children worked extremely hard on this this week - I'm looking forward to seeing the final dances.

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