Friday, 2 December 2016

Didn't they do well!

It was lovely to see so many of you at our class assembly today and I'm sure you were all as proud of the children as I was. Every member of the class contributed 100% to making our assembly something special - well done 4K!

Obviously we have spent a fair amount of the last week or so rehearsing but we have also managed to begin our new English unit and today disussed the spooky podcast we have been listening to. We have already written some wonderful descriptive openings to a spooky story and will be developing a three episode podcast which we plan to record over the rest of the term.

In Maths we have completed working on measurement for this term and we have spent a lot of time converting between kilograms and grams, litres and millilitres - all of which we have been noticing has a link to decimals and fractions. Next week we will return to column subtraction before spending a week looking at division and multiplication.

In RE we have begun our new unit 'Gifts' which we have begun to explore through our assembly but will continue over the coming fortnight. In Science we have been exploring circuits and have had some interesting discussions in Geography about how electricity is made using sustainable resources. Next week the children are going to research and present a brief powerpoint about a renewable energy source.

We have continued our Tudor theme in Art where the children are creating some lovely Tudor portraits with Mrs Luckhurst and in PE we have been developing a Tudor dance.

I will leave you with a picture from our assembly - I apologise if anyone got cut off at the edges - unfortunately my camera doesn't have a very wide lens.

Enjoy your weekend. Apologies the picture quality wasn't great!

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