Thursday, 16 February 2017

Half term news

As half term has arrived, I just wanted to update you on what we have been doing in 4K and share some of the things we will do during the next few weeks as we prepare for Easter.

As ever, we have been busy over the last couple of weeks. We had a lovely trip to Harpenden where we looked for things that had changed over the years. We learnt that the railway had a big impact on our town and saw many things that had changed as a result of its arrival in the 1860s. This trip was linked to our study of Changing Environments in Geography - thank you for sharing your knowledge with us by completing the children's questionnaires. It is great for the children to experience local geography and history - it makes it so much more real when they hear first hand accounts.

We concluded our news reports by writing about the sport we each thought was the world's most incredible sport and the children also used their news report writing skills to write a report on changes they saw in Harpenden. We have also spent some time looking at poetry. Next week we will begin our unit on Michael Morpurgo's Friend or Foe and this will link with our History topic on World War II. 

In Science, we concluded our work on Sound by making screeching balloons and a sound map of our school - unfortunately(!) the school was rather quiet during our investigation so we are going to measure the decibels in the dining room and on the playground during Break and Lunchtimes so we can get a greater range of sound levels! Our new Science topic is Changes of State and we will be examining liquids, gases and solids and investigating their properties and how they change.

In RE, we have begun our Giving and Receiving unit where we will look at the Eucharist and ask what is more important - giving or receiving? The children have already made some interesting reflections on this and I look forward to seeing their holiday research on giving and receiving in the community. Thet should have brought a questionnaire home which will hopefully stimulate discussion and thought. I would then like them to record them in any way they choose - either simply by recording the answers to the questions or by using these to create a presentation of some kind about their ideas. 

In Art the children will be looking at the work of Henry Moore. In Computing we will complete our weather jingles and use them when we present a weather forecast based on research using the data loggers we used to record sound levels. 

Have a great break and see you all on Monday!

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