Friday, 24 March 2017

Another busy term nears the end...

It's hard to believe we only have one more week of the term left - the term really has flown by. It was lovely seeing so many of you at our class Mass last week - the children conducted themselves beautifully.

Last week was also Science, Maths and Engineering week and we enjoyed many workshops and activities throughout the week. We also had a fascinating visit from Mr Rickett who told us loads of interesting facts about World War 2.

That was last week... this week we have been busy preparing for today's fundraising - thank you for supporting the children with this, they did a great job and raised over £40.
In our 'normal' lessons over the last fortnight we have finished Friend or Foe and began our story about two evacuees today. We are going to have to be quite disciplined with our writing as we have another busy week ahead but I'm looking forward to reading how the children have considered what life during World War 2 would have been like.
In Maths we have been doing lots of problem solving and using strategies to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Next week we will look at time and I'm hoping we will do some practical Maths as part of an activity I'm planning to do when we have our World War 2 Outreach day next Thursday. 
As well as our visit by historians from St Albans Museum on Thursday, we are having a visit from an ex-St Dominic pupil (from before the school moved to its current site) and we will learn how the war ended.
In Science we have been looking at evaporation and condensation and will look at the water cycle to complete our Changing States topic.
In RE we have been doing a lot of our unit through practical activities - during our preparation for Mass we considered how difficult it is to be self-disciplined when fulfilling our Lenten promises. We have also being living in God's way as we raised money at our fundraising today. Next week we will consider the Easter story and we will be doing some art work as well as taking part in the Be Spirited activities.
In Art the children are sketching images based on Henry Moore's tunnels images. On Wednesday they role played and took pictures as if they were in the underground tunnels sheltering from the Blitz - they look amazing on our Michael Morpurgo wall and I'm sure the actual sketches will reflect the sentiment the photos portray.
Finally, if anyone has any Cues Ed questionnaires or forms and donations for our Outreach session could you please return them as soon as possible.
Have a great weekend!

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