Friday, 19 May 2017

Just one week to go...

Where has the time gone? In just one week's time, we will breaking up for the last break before the children move up to Year 5!

Rehearsals are coming along. We will be sending home costume letters and a letter about ticket allocation on Monday. The stage goes up on Monday so it will all start to feel much more real. 

Today, we were joined by three of our governors throughout the morning and the children impressed them with their knowledge and understanding of the Shang dynasty. They also commented on their awareness of thoughts and feelings when we discussed the significance of building bridges and how this linked with Reconciliation - this is our new RE unit which we will explore over the next few weeks.

In Maths, we have been looking at fractions and dividing by either 'chunking' or using chunking on the numberline. We have also been thinking about the importance of carefully reading the question and especially checking the operation for every calculation. They have a sheet which gives some ideas for how to practise times tables. I cannot stress how important it is for the children to have a good recall of their times tables as it comes into so much of the maths we do.

In English and Topic we will complete our reports on the Shang dynasty.

Swimming is going really well, we certainly have some talented swimmers and they all really enjoy the session. Please encourage the children to take responsibility for their swimming kit - all the way from the house to school, we have had children leaving kit in cars and even their bag ending up in another class's cloakroom...

Hopefully we have our share of rain and the weekend will be bright and sunny so that we can all get outside.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

It's a wonderful life in 4K

Here we are half way through the half term and there is definitely a theme of life in our learning. In English and Topic we are learning about life during the Shang Dynasty and how some important inventions made by the Chinese are still being used by us today.

In RE we are discussing Pentecost and how we can all share in Jesus' new life if we live our lives in a Christian way. In Science we are learning about classifying animals and looking at how animals adapt to live in their environment.

In Maths we have been busy exploring 1- and 2-place decimal numbers, negative numbers and this week are practising multiplication. We are trying to think how we can use the skills and knowledge we have in Maths to help us solve unfamiliar problems. Once again, the children are realising the importance of knowing their times tables and we are trying to incorporate practising tell the time into our day.

The children have impressed the swimming instructors with their ability in the pool - could we have some budding Olympians?

And finally, our production is coming along - we are now eagerly anticipating the stage going up so we can really bring our characters to life, which brings me nicely back to where I started...