Thursday, 18 January 2018

Back in touch

Apologies for the delay since my last post, I have been struggling to access the Blog but have finally managed it and hence I am making the most of it, just in case it is short lived!

We have been working hard and achieving lots in Year 4 since Christmas and all the children have come back full of enthusiasm.

We have been enjoying reading The Spiderwick Chronicles and hope to complete the book tomorrow so we can begin planning and writing a new episode in which the children will introduce a new mystical creature and write a story about the trouble the newcomer causes the Grace children.

In Maths we have been working at our measuring skills and converted various measurements, including time as well as reading timetables to calculate time duration. We have been interpreting discrete and continuous data this week and next week we will be looking at perimeter.

Our first RE topic this term is Communities and we had a fun and informative visit from Father Michael last week. This week we are putting all we learned into leaflets about our local parish. 

We have learnt why the Romans had to suddenly leave Britain in AD 410 and will be going on to look at the impact the Anglo Saxon settlers had on life in Britain beginning with a look at Anglo Saxon settlements.

The children are also looking at Anglo Saxon life in Art and are designing and will make brooches typical of the time.

In Science, we have been exploring sound and the children have been asking some interesting questions which we are attempting to answer through our lessons. This week we looked at how sound travels and will be looking at how we can create different sounds through an exploration into pitch.

In PE, the children continue their weekly lesson with Game On and have dived into their swimming lessons with lots of energy and skill.

Enjoy the weekend!

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