Friday, 23 February 2018

We have had lots going on this week and it was wonderful that so many of you could join us on Thursday for our class mass with Canon Tony. It was a  lovely occasion and helped the children focus on Lent. We have been continuing this today as we have been sketching Jesus in the desert for our display board in the hall.

In RE we have been thinking about mass and the importance of gathering in love for the Eucharist. We have also been sharing the thoughtful presentations the children have done about giving and receiving. We will conclude our look at the Eucharist in the next week or so and then move on to the unit called Self-Discipline when we shall consider both Lent and Easter.

In English we have begun work on our persuasion skills and I hope the children are using them to good effect at home! They have been developing the language of persuasion and managed to convince me to give them an extra 5 minutes of playtime! The children have chosen a local destination and will be writing a written document persuading people to visit their chosen venue and they will then transfer this onto a digital document.

We have been developing our understanding of decimals and will be using decimals in calculations, in the context of money and then problem solving with decimal numbers before moving on to fractions.

In science we have begun learning about electricity which we will relate to both our DT by making a game using electricity and our new geography unit where we will consider how we can be more sustainable.

I will leave you with a reminder that we will be swimming on both Wednesday afternoon (28/2) and Thursday morning (1/3) this week and also that Thursday is World Book Day so it would be best if the children came to school in their uniform and change into their costume once we return from swimming. They can bring their costume in either on Wednesday or Thursday and Mrs Fisher and I will endeavour to help with any trickier costume detail! 

Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Real or imaginary?

Half term is almost upon us and we have been engrossed in writing our stories. Creating a second episode of The Spiderwick Chronicles has got 4K's creative juices flowing and I am looking forward to reading the final drafts. In addition to editing and redrafting our stories this week, we will be writing poems in class to enter a Young Writers competition.

We have been exploring what was important to the Anglo-Saxons and are looking forward to having our very own expert spend some time with us on Friday. We are going to spend the day finishing off our Anglo-Saxon topic and will be looking at photographs of artefacts from Sutton Hoo. After the holiday, we will be moving on to a geography topic and thinking about sustainability.

In Science, we have learned a lot about how sound travels and this week explored how to change volume and pitch. Next week we will be conducting investigations into the best materials for soundproofing. Our next Science topic is electricity which we will be linking to Design and Technology and the children will get to make a practical application for a switch. 

The Anglo-Saxon brooches and necklaces that the children have made with Mrs Luckhurst look fabulous on our display and we have been impressed with how hard the children have worked on their designs.

In Maths, we have been focusing on shape, lines and this week, on what influences our spending. Today, we were very busy being shoppers who had to find the best value from four different supermarkets. It was great to see how carefully the children looked at the different deals on offer and hopefully they came away from the lessons with a bit more appreciation of the choices we have to make whenever we shop. We will look at symmetry next week and begin our voyage into the subject of decimal numbers. Any reinforcement of this in the real world always helps their understanding so looking at what a price on a menu or a price ticket means will help immensely.

In RE, we have completed the topic of Community and the children showed a good level of understanding and appreciation of this. We are now beginning the topic entitled, Giving and Receiving where we will study the Eucharist.

Have a good weekend.