Saturday, 12 May 2018

Dramatic Dragon Days and a view of a Viking Village

What a busy week Year 4 have had!

We began with everyone thoroughly entering into character as the over-the-top villagers of Stumbledorf and performing brilliantly on Tuesday. We were particularly proud that it really seemed like a team effort with everyone playing their part and working together to put on a brilliant production, despite the short time we had to prepare. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we celebrated the Ascension by sharing Mass with Father Michael. The children were very respectful and it was lovely for us to gather and remember this special event as a class.

On Thursday - something completely different as we became Vikings for the day. The life of a typical Viking villagers was brought alive by Carl from History Off the Page as we travelled back to the 9th century and experienced some of the trades people would have learnt and heard stories of a forthcoming battle between the Viking invaders and Anglo-Saxon settlers under the leadership of Aelfred (more commonly known as Alfred the Great). This was a fantastic start to our new history topic on the Vikings.

Over the rest of this half term we will complete our work on fractions and move onto multiplication. We will study poetry by Grace Nicholls and James Carter, focusing on how they use poetic language and exploring the effect of rhythm and rhyme.

In RE, we will move onto our new unit 'Building Bridges' which considers reconciliation and how we have the power to reach out and offer forgiveness. This links well with our PSHE topic about relationships.

In Science we are going to be learning how to classify living things.

Have a great weekend, everyone deserves a well-earned rest!

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