Saturday, 30 June 2018

Carnivals and Feast Days

Arts and Multi-cultural Week saw us being creative. Over the week,  we have danced, made and decorated masks, tie-dyed T-shirts and responded to our lessons on Islam by making Qu'ran covers, writing in Arabic and creating decorated words that describe what Allah is like.

Our wonderful masks are already on display in the top corridor and we will wear and display the other things we made on Celebration Evening so please come up and take a look in the classroom. The children had lots of fun learning Brazilian dance moves and we used some of these for our very own 4K catwalk dance on Friday when we displayed our masks and T-shirts to the rest of the school.

Last week, we got back to 'normality' and have been learning to calculate time duration and also to convert between 24-hour, 12-hour and analogue time. I have asked the children to make a big effort to learn how to tell the time and would be grateful if you could support them in this over the summer. Next week is Money Manager Week and we will then review multiplication and division before learning the short method for division in readiness for Year 5. In English, we have been using conjunctions and prepositions to write in greater detail and next week will be devising and then explaining our own inventions.

We have begun our final RE unit and will be learning about ordinary people who have done extraordinary things - first, we have found out about an eight year old Rwandan boy called Eric who helps support his orphaned family, and then went on to think about St Peter and St Paul before our Mass on Friday. 

We have also begun our final geography topic where we will consider why so many people live in mega-cities. As well as continuing with the above, this week we will be making coleslaw in DT and making observational drawings of living things in science/art.

We have Sports Day on Friday, which promises to be hot so please remember to apply sun cream in the morning and send a full water bottle. 

On Monday, we will be taking the children out to learn pedestrian skills and the children responded with maturity when we did some classroom learning on this in preparation for crossing local roads.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Summer days

I seem to begin every post with a comment on how busy we have been and the first couple of weeks of the last half term of the year have been as busy as ever!

On Friday morning, we celebrated Thanksgiving Mass with Year 3 who all looked wonderful and in the afternoon eight of the class represented the school in a cross country event. The week before, four children had represented us in a World Games event. We have also spent time making and painting clay tiles for display. I'll add details and times tomorrow as it would be wonderful if you could go and see the tiles that the children, ably assisted by Mrs Corcoran, have worked so hard to make.

In class, we have completed our RE topic 'Building Bridges' and will be learning about Islam over the next week or so. As it is Arts and Multicultural Week this week, we will create covers for the Qur'an which we will display at Celebration Evening. Once we have looked at Islam, we will move onto our final topic on 'God's People'.

In English, we have been honing our explanatory writing skills and have written some very creative descriptions including explanations about how we imagine television works. We will complete this after Arts Week.

In maths we completed our work on division and are all now fantastic at long division and complete units on time, negative numbers and Roman numerals in between our artistic creations. 

In science and computing we have been using branching databases to classify living things and once we have completed this we will look more closely at some of the living things we have sorted in science.

In history, we will complete our work on the Vikings this week and from next week we will be considering 'Why so many people live in mega-cities?'

Next week will be dancing, making masks, tee shirts and other things on a 'carnival' theme.