Thursday, 20 September 2018

Welcome to the 4K Blog 2018-19

Two weeks have flown by and we are now settling into the routine of life in Year 4. Everyone is adapting well and we are determined to work as a team to follow our school motto so that we shine together. We had fun today in PE/PSHE trying to pass a ball around the class without using our hands - we haven't managed it YET but have decided to keep trying until we do it, together. 

Thank you for bearing with us as the timetable has been tweaked over the start of term, and whilst we have been getting reading books and homework routines sorted. The children will write the day that their reading record should be returned in their Homework Diaries tomorrow, so if you could support them in ensuring they read every day, record what they are reading and make 3 comments each week, at least one of which should be signed by you. 

We have been doing some wonderful work based on two poems, Overheard on a Saltmarsh and A Small Dragon. We have explored how the poems portray character and mood and are now preparing to write our own poems using what we have observed. We will finish this over the next few days, then will spend some time preparing for our assembly (on the 5th October) before reading a book called 'Christophe's Story.'

In maths, we have been back to basics to work on our understanding of place value. It has been interesting to see the children's understanding of a numberline and our number system develop - this is a key concept and a good grasp of this will help make maths make more sense. We are moving on to mental strategies for addition and subtraction which should build on their work last year. 

In RE, we began the term considering our mission statement and learning about St Dominic. We are now learning about how Jesus has a human family and are reading stories about some of His family including Abraham, Ruth, Jacob (father to Joseph and his brothers) and His own father, Joseph. During this topic we will be focusing on how and why these people were chosen by God.

Our science and D&T topics are linked and also relate to our geography - we are studying electricity in science, making a buzz wire game in D&T and thinking about how electricity can be generated more sustainably within the wider context of how we can live more sustainably.

We will need a few shoe boxes for D&T in a couple of weeks so if anyone has any to spare, could you please send them in.

Thank you for supporting the children - so far everyone has had their PE kit when needed and remembered to bring in their homework on time. Enjoy the weekend.

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