Thursday, 4 October 2018

Harvest Time

We are looking forward to you joining us for our Harvest Assembly. We have been working hard learning our parts and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

I will add photos as quickly as I can on Friday.

In other work, we have now completed our poems about finding and trying to help an unusual creature. We are now going to move on to reading 'Christophe's Story' which is the story of a boy who comes to England from Africa. He has a powerful story to tell, despite only being 8 years old. Our work will culminate in us writing about our own life stories.

We have been rounding, estimating and discovering how we can manipulate numbers using mental strategies that help us add and subtract easily and successfully. Some of these strategies were encountered in Year 3 but some have been new - ask the children to show you how to re-balance 
2738 + 4149 to make an easy sum. They could show you that by moving 1 from the first number to the second means the sum becomes : 2737 + 4150 which is an easy addition we can do in our heads. There are more than one possible solutions to this but the challenge is in them making the actual calculations they do as easy as possible which reduces the chance for error. We will keep returning to these strategies over the year as we continue our mission to make maths easy. Next week, we will look at written methods for addition and subtraction. 

In addition, we have begun daily times tables tests using Times Tables Rock Stars and on Friday we will work out our Rocks Star status based on the 3 times table we have been practising this week. Next week, we move on to our 4 times table followed by the 5 times table. Please encourage the children to learn the number sentence e.g. 1 x 3 =3 as we the tests we do include division as it is an associated fact.

In RE, we have completed the topic 'People' and will begin our topic on confirmation next week.

In Geography, we have considered what we could do to make our school more sustainable and will look at alternative sources of energy next week. In Science, we have predicted whether a range of circuits will work and then tested whether our prediction was correct. This should prepare us for making a circuit in our Buzz Wire game in D&T. We will also consider what materials conduct electricity through carrying out an investigation.

Have a good weekend.

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