Thursday, 8 November 2018

Back in St Albans

We had fun and learned lots on our trip on Monday. We are now enjoying learning about Roman Myths in English and will deepen our knowledge of the Romans in Britain in history over this coming half term.

In RE, we have finished our look at Confirmation and how God calls us in different ways. We looked at Sean Devereux and considered how he lived out his Confirmation promises and many of the children wrote some thoughtful poems about how love never ends. Next week, we will be looking at Judaism, focusing on Jewish books and Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Then we will move on to our topic 'Gifts' where we will think about how Jesus was given as a gift as a sign of God's love.

In maths, we are finishing our work on times tables and have been using rules of divisibility to work out which numbers any numbers can be divided by. We are now going to look at factors, scaling and problem solving involving measures.

In science, this week, we investigated the properties of solids and liquids in order to classify a range of materials. We discussed how some materials such as jelly and shaving foam have properties of both states. We will look at gases next.

In PE, our gum boot dances are taking shape. The children have impressed me with the way they have worked together to choreograph a dance. Today we added sound rhythms. I'm looking forward to videoing their final performances in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a glimpse of our day out:

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